Lennon Wielgus

Day 339 Saturday In Carlisle Kentucky 2010

Today was Saturday In Carlisle. It has a lame and forgetful name, but exceeded expectations for fun. I wonder if Aunt Melissa will let uncle Brandon move out to the country if he would by her this pink tractor? I was in a baby show. I won first place for "most hair" in the boys 7-12 months category. We know people pronounce my last name wrong, but my first name too? Oh no. I was introduced as Lean-on Wheel-gis. One proud mama. Hanging out at the petting zoo. Petting a cow. And if you want even more Saturday In Carlisle action check out this video for a few more pics and some bluegrass music:


MelissaTHe answer is still no. Nice try! The city works for me!