Lennon Wielgus

Day 351 Expensive milk

We had some visitors today and it was so fun. In that first picture we were coming back from fishing. In this next picture Chloe and Mom were riding the lawnmower. And here we are just having a good time. We told Nanny we pay over $4 dollars for a gallon of milk and she couldn't believe it. We buy whole milk because the doctor said that's best when I'm weening from breast milk. On the way home we picked up a gallon and it cost $4.14, and that was at Walmart! Between Dad and I we go through a gallon every 2 or 3 days. Dad says it's a good thing we don't smoke because our milk habit is expensive enough. He also says we should get a goat or a cow.


MomSteph...that is crazy! I'd love to buy organic, but I think we'd be in the poor house!